Mosh Pits and Metallica Take Over Petco

Mosh Pits and Metallica Take Over Petco

When I heard Metallica was going to be in San Diego, I rallied my friends and we all planed to go to the concert together.

We knew the traffic would be terrible, so we carpooled and looked to off street parking. Because we know the city so well, we were able to find parking just a few block away.

We parked in a yellow zone that is not metered on Sunday’s. I’m guessing that not a lot of people know that, which is why the space was available. It is there that we opened our trunk and began to
tailgate with a few opening cocktails.

As we were preparing our drinks, we began to notice all the homeless people that have taken up shelter here in Downtown San Diego, and as I peeked around the corner I noticed a long row of tents where they were living. It was stocking! Questions like “why isn’t anyone doing anything about this?” and “What can I do?” came to mine. It was really a wake up call about how many people are homeless here, and that action really needs to be taken to help. This is especially true for our community here at Homeland Magazine, where many of our readers and views are vets, and vets make up a large part of the homeless community.

So we asked some questions, and gave them the food we had, and tried to be as helpful as we could, all things considered. Then we grabbed our tickets, packed up our car, and headed on foot to Petco Park.

O.M.G.! So fun! If you missed this show you are totally kicking yourself right now. This was the show of the year, and it was pretty obvious it was going to be. With Avenge Sevenfold opening and Metallica closing, what could go wrong?

The crowd was about 75% men, but the ladies that did attend seemed to have an outstanding time as well. This night was all about HARD ROCKMUSIC, mosh pits, and the spectacle of a stadium concert. Now, I have to tell the truth here and say, I did not see Avenge Sevenfold. The restroom and alcohol lines were so long that I didn’t want to get caught in them while Metallica was playing. So I stayed up top, and
took care of business before I hit the pit and got myself into killer position for Metallica.

The mosh pits seemed to start even before the Metallica took the stage. They were all over the place. Everywhere you turned there was another mosh pit tearing up the field at Petco Park. What a blast!

Metallica opened their set with Hardwired, Atlas Rise!, and For Whom The Bell Tolls. This concert was complete with fireworks, pyrotechnics, and several big screens to engage the entire 60,000+ fans.

They ended their set, pre-encore with Seek & Destroy. After about a five minute, lights out break, they perform their encore set consisting of Fight Fire With Fire, Nothing Else Matters, and Enter Sandman.

If you’re a live music fan, you definitely want to add Metallica to your must see list. If you’re a Metallica fan, you must experience metallica from the pit. You will be glad you did.

Written by Bob Dietrich
Photography by Brian Webb

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