Animated 3D Character, Hatsune Miku, Takes The Stage in San Jose

Animated 3D Character, Hatsune Miku, Takes The Stage in San Jose

Attending a Hatsune Miku concert was definitely a different experience. At first glance seeing an Anime character be the lead singer in a concert may seem silly or odd, but when you get to know the story of Hatsune Miku you realize that it is a very cool concept.

Crypton Future Media released a software voice synthesizer called “Hatsune Miku” in 2007. They had the idea of providing a tool for anyone to make their own songs on their computers, and have them sung by computerized voice. The anime image of Hatsune Miku was created at the same time, to put as illustration on the software boxMiku. She is a 16 year old girl with blue pigtails.

Within days, people were creating, writing, and sharing their creation with the world. You could say that for the first time people can own a little piece of a pop singer, and even have the ability to profit from it.

Since then four other pop anime character singers have joined (Kaito, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, and Megurine Luka). A real live band joins Miku on stage. They are all from Japan. Misawa is the lead guitar, Kunno is base, is keyboard, and the drummer is Ito.

They made their first live performance in Japan at the Saitama Super Arena in 2009. After that, Hatsune Miku would performed all around japan. In 2014, they started their first world tour called the Hatsune Miku Expo, and since then they performed in Indonesia, Shanghai, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Mexico, and the United States. She has over 2,300,000 followers! She even opened for Lady Gaga in New York. It’s absolutely incredible how a holographic image projected onto a special glass screen can inspire and motivate so many people.

As for the concert in San Jose California, it was an surreal experience. Watching the fans in the audience, I got a sense they were there to see, celebrate, and support this factitious 3D character. That being the case, the energy of the fans was fantastic. All the songs were in Japanese, and even though I don’t understand that language, it was still an amazing experience and great concert. The music and characters where very well synchronized, and the effects of the holographic quality was excellent. If you want to have a unique and different concert experience, then the Miku Expo is a good choice. After all her name means first voice of the future, and that is a great fit for this futuristic concept.

Written by: Adrian Galvan, Alma Galvan and Bob Dietrich

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