San Diego Police Officer – Join Us!

As a San Diego Police Officer, you will be working in a city with unmatched variety in recreation, entertainment and lifestyle.


The City of San Diego is California’s second-largest city in population with over one million residents. San Diego is located on the southwest tip of California and is 17 miles from Tijuana, Mexico, and 125 miles from Los Angeles. San Diego has a mild climate with an abundance of scenic beauty, including beaches, mesas, canyons, mountain ranges and deserts.

The San Diego Police Department maintains high expectations of its officers, making it a very professional department. Once a member of the San Diego Police Department, career opportunities will open up as you never thought possible.

Job Dimensions for Police Officers

Interest in People
Interpersonal Sensitivity
Communication Skills
Problems Solving Ability
Judgment Under Pressure
Willingness to Confront Problems
Credibility as a Witness
Observational Skills
Learning Ability
Physical Ability
Desire for Self-Improvement
Operation of a Motor Vehicle

If you have additional questions about San Diego Police Department Recruiting, call (619) 531-COPS (2677) or email


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