VANC – The First Monday Of Each Month

The First Monday Of Each Month

For those of us who volunteer our time to help veterans, sometimes it is nice to be able to see and hear the success stories from the people out there meeting with, and solving the problems of our veterans.

On the First Monday of each month, at noon, we get that opportunity. This past month we had the opportunity to hear from our friends at Veteran’s Village of San Diego (VVSD) as they re-counted the number of veterans we were all able to help during the San Diego Stand Down.

During our last Monday meeting, Ray Sibley from VVSD provided an after action report on the San Diego Veteran’s Stand Down. Serving about 900 homeless veterans, the Stand Down has been a crucial part of getting the homeless served by VA Doctors, fed, clothed and provided with a safe place to sleep for the weekend. Once the connection is made with these homeless veterans, our veteran service organizations can support their needs for housing, job opportunities and other services.

This month, we will hear from the North County Veterans Stand Down. The NCVSD provides a second opportunity in January, for homeless veterans to be served. After these presentations, our veteran service organizations will attend the events and provide support throughout the year to our veterans in need.

We had a chance to meet Doug Brandt, a docent from the Midway Museum who gave our fellow veterans a chance to participate as volunteers at one of the top tourist spots in San Diego and, for that matter, the US. Each month we have four speaking spots so that members of the Veteran Service Community can share their successes, their opportunities or even introduce themselves to the rest of the community of veteran groups doing their best to serve our veteran community.

So please, put the first Monday of every month on your calendar. Come visit us at the Veterans Association of North County, grab a slice of pizza, or a cup of coffee and listen to, and participate in a great networking meeting. It is our objective to provide our veteran service community a venue to meet, have events and serve our veterans. We home to see you soon.

If you are a veteran or an active duty military family member, there is a lot of things we can do for you at VANC. If you live in our community, we would love to see you at VANC. You can volunteer, you can donate, or just come and enjoy our events. If you are a member of the veteran service community, join us on the first Monday of each month at noon for an opportunity to network with others serving our veterans. And when you walk in the door, sign in to our guest book.

“The men and women who serve our Nation deserve our support — Today, Tomorrow, Always —”

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