VET Training & Coaching is accepting applications

VET Training & Coaching has announced it is now accepting applications for its third Ambitious VET Sprint set to launch October 23, 2019. San Diego, California.

VET Training & Coaching is launching its third Ambitious VET Sprint on October 23, 2019.

The Ambitious VET Sprint is a signature program VET Training & Coaching offers to fulfill on the company’s mission to empower ambitious veteran leaders with the insights needed to execute on their next mission
and make a real impact in life after military service.

• 43% of veterans leave their post-separation job in less than one year and 27% leave within six months. (Syracuse study)

• 41% of veterans say they left because they, “Wanted new challenges.” (CNAS Veterans Data Project)

Three plus years out of the military transition, the challenge is NOT how to write a resume, interview, or network. Stability isn’t the problem anymore either. The challenge is gaining the sniper-like focus on what matters most to them, i.e. values, beliefs, and understanding the landmines that stop them from living a life of belonging, fulfilment, and impact.

The Solution to breaking through the self-doubt, confusion, and frustration is having frameworks, resources, and tools to identify, execute, and accomplish their next mission.

The Ambitious VET Sprint is a 12-Week Program that equips veterans who are three plus years out from their transition, with the tools, support, resources, and frameworks needed to execute, impact, and fulfill on their next mission, narrowing the gap from where they are to where they want to be in life post military.

“For the vets who are three to six years out of military transition, the challenge is not how to write a resume, interview, or network, stability isn’t the problem anymore, it’s gaining the sniper-like focus on their beliefs and values, what matters most to them, beliefs, and understanding the landmines that stop them from living a life of belonging, fulfillment, and impact.”

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—VET Training & Coaching Founder & CEO, Chris Hoffmann

The Ambitious VET Sprint Program Highlights

Five to ten high performing Veterans will get the opportunity to join an elite fire team in a gamified experience where they will have to work together along The Ambitious VET Battle Ready Roadmap, where they will be trained on topics like:

1. Identifying your primary aim for the next 12 weeks, understanding their own core values through the VAL Assessment,

2. How to create tactics based off core values in achieving their primary aim,

3. Discovering their landmines through a challenge Chris learned through investing into his own personal/professional development,

4. How to create proactive habits and routines to get ahead of the landmines they discover are stopping them in life satisfaction, career, or business.

5. How to problem solve, make decisions, and deal with conflict management while honoring their core values and accomplishing their primary aims in the program.

6. The importance and identifying ways to refuel and recharge, before re-engaging to avoid burnout and upset.

We have five subject matter experts coming anywhere from leadership development, media, psychology, and mindset experts to bring strategies and connect with these veterans who are self-motivated, not afraid to pay to become more, and desperately want to figure how to live a life that they enjoy after the uniform comes off!

There will be a squad leader that graduates and wins a prize at the completion of the program. Last program’s squad leader won a media appearance on CBS’ “Eye on Veterans, national syndicated show. So this has them even more motivated to implement the worksheets, concepts, tactics, and strategies as they can be promoted or fired at any time. Not only is this program building character, but it also is building leadership that follows through on what matters most!

Testimonial from the last Sprint:

The Problem I was struggling with before the Sprint was trying to reconnect with my WHY; to have that burning passion again to wake everyday to work on the things that matter to me the most. Sometimes in life, an individual can get discounted to the reason why they get out of bed every day and get stuck in an uneventful, dreary, tedious routine that just seems to kill your passion in life instead of growing it. I joined the Sprint to get myself out of that routine and hopefully ignite the sleeping giant within me. What I found out in that program was that the reason why I felt so disconnected with my WHY is that one of my top values in life is Freedom, and ever since I started working a 9 to 5 again, I didn’t feel free. Matter of fact, I felt trapped by my job. I felt caged in.

The Sprint made me realize that for me to feel free I have to be working on my own personal business, something that I can call my own. Because of this discovery, my wife and I started and now operate our own Real Estate investing company. Even though it’s only 3 weeks old at this point, we already have three properties under contract and ready to be sold to investors, a website, we’re building a team of contractors, and currently working on our promotional video for the company. IT’S ALL DUE TO THE DISCOVERY I PERSONALLY MADE IN THE SPRINT. I CAN DEFINITELY SAY THIS PROGRAM WORKS.”

– Emmanuel Jacques, Marine Veteran, Founder of EV Jacques Inc.


VET Training & Coaching exists to empower ambitious veterans globally with the tools and resources to identify, execute, and accomplish their next mission in life, because if it doesn’t happen there will be a veteran 3-6 years out who is unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and lost in finding the gaps in their performance to live the life they first envisioned when taking the uniform off.

Since 2017 the team has been able to build one of the largest personal/professional development online lifestyle brand Veteran brands in “The Ambitious VET” on the planet who believe if you desire more than you have to become more.

Through our programs, facebook/Linkedin Communities, and shows we take Ambitious VETS through a journey from Warrior Made to Passion Driven. Our reach is 20+ countries and 10,000 Veterans a week at this point who are desiring more clarity, confidence, and peace of mind in executing on the mission that matters most to them!


Certified Veteran Development Coach with “Think Rio” (CCE)
Certified in Personality Profiler and VAL assessments through Golden LLC
7+ years of transformative coaching and training experience
B.A. Psychology
10,000+ Coaching and Training hours

Chris Hoffmann

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